The Salt Lake City Graphic Design Olympics

All Week

Have you ever dreamed of winning an Olympic Medal but can’t picture yourself packed into an adult lycra onesie, strapped onto a luge, careening down an ice covered track to your impending, bone-shattering death? Same. Which is why ThoughtLab is teaming up with SL Design Week to bring you the first-ever Salt Lake City Graphic Design Olympics.

The SLC Graphic Design Olympics is a 3 part competition that will be held throughout design week and is open to all designers in the greater salt lake city area. The competition is made up of three design tasks that will be distributed a week before the event starts. Each task will be scored by our panel of judges. The designer with the highest combined score will be crowned the winner and receive our grand prize: A beautiful loving cup and a whopping $432.27 culled from sofa cushions, coffee funds and pocket change around the office.

Event information

Price: Free