Designing Downtown: Characteristics of People-First Places

Friday, October 11th

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Main Street entrance to Gallivan Center

How do planners create favorable conditions for people to thrive? What design details are determining factors of a quality urban environment?

A city’s zoning code establishes the framework for the design and physical development of that city using public input. It is a creative process performed by city planners and the public to communicate how the city should be built. Zoning helps define a place’s character and image by directing building form, massing, height, and other design components of the built environment. When done well, the code can facilitate public life – the formation of community, urban reinvestment and maintenance, and places for people that are active and memorable.

Join us on a walking tour as we explore the design characteristics of downtown Salt Lake City and learn how you can participate as a citizen planner to shape the city you call home.


Price: Free