Barkitecture - Doghouse Design Competition

Saturday, October 12th

Liberty Park

It’s time for the Barkitecture SLC doghouse design competition at Strut Your Mutt Salt Lake City.

This year Barkitecture is being incorporated into Salt Lake Design Week to encourage cross disciplinary design teams. This is your opportunity to apply your design and construction savvy to a canine clientele.

Completed doghouses will be on display and made available for auction during Strut Your Mutt on October 12th at Liberty Park. All proceeds from the auction will benefit Best Friends Animal Society in Utah.

*Entries will be limited to the first 20 teams to register!


Doghouses must be functional, constructed with solid and durable materials. Each doghouse will be given a 4’ wide by 5’ deep lot for display. Each lot will have 9” sideyard and backyard setbacks. Intrusions into the setbacks will disqualify entries from the competition. Doghouses must not exceed 300 lbs. or 6’-0” in height. Care should be taken that entries do not pose risk to the health, safety and welfare of individuals and animals alike. Sustainable design practices and healthy materials are highly encouraged. Cost to construct should not exceed $500. Explore opportunities to use excess material from active construction sites (with permission only). Although individual entries are permitted cross disciplinary teams are preferred. Teams are encouraged to provide removable signage to describe their design/process and highlight their individual teams. There are no restrictions on signage other than it must also ft within the designated display area, not encroach on setbacks and not exceed the height limit.

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Price: $40.00 to Submit, Free to attend